Washington Says You’re Accountable for Student Progress…Now What? – by Betsy Hill

The New Accountability in Education was the topic of a webinar hosted by Learning Enhancement Corporation in April, 2010.  The webinar featured presentations by Chris Lohse, strategic initiatives director with the Council of Chief State School Officers and Betsy Hill, president and COO of Learning Enhancement Corporation.

The concept of a new accountability refers to the “Blueprint for Reform,” recently released by the U.S. Department of Education. The Blueprint refocuses accountability from meeting minimum standards in No Child Left Behind to “true college and career readiness” for every student in the new proposal.

To accomplish the new vision, schools must, among other things, build “student capacity” – the ability to think and learn.  Neuroscience research has shown that the ability to think and learn can be developed and enhanced through cognitive exercise, building skills such as attention, memory, and visual and auditory processing.  This is true for students with learning disabilities, as well as normal and gifted students.  BrainWare Safari is a cognitive exercise software program that has been shown to dramatically improve student capacity to learn, for students with a broad range of abilities.  Instead of No Child Left Behind, BrainWare Safari means Every Child Moves Ahead.  When students have the ability to learn and to benefit from good curriculum and teachers, the outcome of the new education can be a promise fulfilled.

A recorded version of the hour-long webinar can be accessed here.


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