Attention: Can Your Brain Handle 5,000 Messages a Day? – by Roger Stark

If you don’t get someone’s attention, you can’t give them anything to remember.  If it’s not worth remembering, why give it to them?

Today we are on information overload.  In 1970, the average person was exposed to 500 messages a day.  Today, we’re exposed to 5,000 messages a day.  Asking for a bit of information today is like standing under Niagara Falls and asking for a glass of water.  The ability to pay attention and to quickly sort through and filter what’s important is more important than ever before. 

For some time I have predicted that one of the most important roles in an organization assisting the CEO will be a librarian, someone who assimilates information, figures out if it’s relevant, and quickly serves it up when and where it’s needed.  But we’re not all CEOs and don’t have an information guru whispering in our ears.  We have to do it ourselves.

Attention even plays a role in relationships. When something goes wrong in a relationship, more often than not, it’s a communication issue.  Someone didn’t pay attention.  No one does it intentionally; no one wants the aggravation of having missed something and upset someone else, but remembering is a function of our limited capacities for attention. 

Attention and other cognitive skills are critical to a well-balanced life.  The more relationships, the more you have to remember.  Cognitive skills, including attention, are critical in a well-balanced life and BrainWare Safari is extremely effective in developing them — for kids, for adults, for seniors.  We can all benefit from expanding our capacity for attention.


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