Does Practice Make Perfect? Does Brain Training Work? – by Dr. Sara Sawtelle

How do we get better at doing the things that really matter to us?  It takes rehearsal.  The authors of a study published in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal report that with the principles of deliberate practice,  most anyone can rise to true excellence.

What does that mean and does it work for just anything?  It means that to get really good, to become an expert at something, we have to try and fail.  This is true for any procedure we learn, though not for learning facts.  To appreciate what it takes to learn something procedural, consider the following.  Did you learn how to walk by just standing up and walking or did you fail at it many  times before you became an expert.  What about vision?  To learn to see your brain had to learn what you were looking at, how it was categorized and its meaning.   It took practice — trial and error. 

This principle can be applied to developing skills we need every day and to keeping them sharp.  Good brain-training programs utilize the aspects of deliberate practice to provide the user the ability to actually become good at something that needs to be developed.  To be good at anything we have to practice in a sustained, engaged and intense way.  All good things come to those who try and try again, tweaking and developing along the way.

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