Helping Our Children Succeed as Adults – by Pam Edwards

Let me ask you a question:  If you could provide your children a pill that would enable them to be successful adults, would you ask for a prescription?  I’m guessing yes.  We can only wish.

Most parents would do just about anything to provide the support, tools, environment and love to help their children succeed. I worked in a school system with kids who had incredibly loving parents … parents  who knew a good education was the foundation for a successful life … parents who knew they needed to focus on education so their children could grow up and function effectively in the world.

They wished they could help their kids with their homework every night.  They wished they could help them be smarter so it wasn’t so hard for them to get good grades in school . They wished they could meet with their teachers and counselors on a more regular basis. However, they told me frequently they didn’t have the time to be the kinds of parents they wanted to be. They were often frustrated and tired and just didn’t know how to “do it all.” 

It  DOES take a great deal of dedication, time and commitment from parents to achieve the “successful adult” goal.  We WISH there was a pill!  There isn’t, but there is something that can help!  We can take advantage of living in the 21st century and use new technology like BrainWare Safari and new information about the brain to help our kids stay ahead of the curve.  Let’s focus on helping our kids build a better brain!  It takes time to but it’s worth it.  It works!


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