This Award Belongs to Special Education Students – by Roger Stark

BrainWare Safari recently won a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers.  It wasn’t really a surprise to get another award – BrainWare Safari had already won the Software and Information Industry CODiE Award as Best Education Game or Simulation (the Oscar of our industry), a Parents’ Choice Award, a Mom’s Choice Award and a Teachers’ Choice Award.  But this one was special and it means a great deal to me because it comes from an organization representing an industry only 20% of which is technology-based. 

A friend who is an education-industry veteran said to me that if only 20% of curriculum is technology, and everything else accounts for five times technology, then receiving the top award in our category as a technology product must mean five times as much.  Of all the products – in print or media or technology – BrainWare Safari was selected as the number one program in Special Education. 

This award is a credibility booster.  Educators are under such pressure to make the right decision – choosing an award-winning program can make it a little easier.  It’s a confidence-builder for our outstanding sales team.  It’s recognition amongst our peers.  It’s a departure from tradition for an industry in the midst of change.    But, the greatest beneficiaries of this award may be the students in special education classrooms who are that much closer to a program that doesn’t just help them compensate, but helps them develop the mental processing power they need to succeed.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this award possible.


One Response to This Award Belongs to Special Education Students – by Roger Stark

  1. Colleen Bain says:

    Congratulations! My goodness, how many awards can one software actually win? I can tell you that I do not even have to mention all the awards when working families through your program. It is not necessary. They see the past successes from previous students and how well their child is doing.

    I am in process of blogging one families journey through BrainWare Safari. We are on week 5 now. Feel free to check it out and offer your comments and expertise.

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