Is Your Child Ready for Back-to-School? – by Betsy Hill

Freshly sharpened pencils? Check. Neatly pressed new school clothes and uniforms? Check. Young minds operating at full capacity? Hmmm…..

The promise of a new school year with a clean slate (although we don’t use slates any more – maybe that should be clean whiteboard) is tantalizing.  Our children begin again, with a new chance to succeed and demonstrate their potential to learn and grow. 

But the reality is that many students are seriously unprepared for the new school year.  Perhaps their ability to sustain their attention in a classroom is lacking.  Or they have difficulty integrating visual and auditory information … even a few seconds delay can leave a child hopelessly lost when the teacher talks.  Or they can’t visualize what a shape would look like if it were rotated. Or …

The capacity of our children’s minds to learn is crucial to success in school, but do we spend as much time worrying about their attention skills, their memory skills, their visual and auditory processing skills, their ability to solve problems and think critically and logically, as we do about their pencils and backpacks and clothes? 

If a well-tuned mind is on your list of things your child needs to be fully prepared to succeed academically this year, it could be easier than you think. In 12 weeks  with BrainWare Safari – or by the time that first set of report cards shows up at home – dramatic improvement in a child’s cognitive abilities is possible (an average of four years of cognitive growth in 12 weeks in published research).  Usually at about 7 to 8 weeks parents and teachers start noticing changes – like better concentration and focus, greater willingness and ability to complete school work, greater comprehension and memory.

One of the other things that usually comes with strong cognitive skills is self-esteem – kids who are engaged in learning and school, rather than dreading it and dragging their feet.  Now that would really be a new and different school year!

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