Changing Your Child’s Life Forever – by Karen Buccola

Recently, I suggested a new question to ask at your child’s next IEP meeting – to see the trend data not just for your child, but for all the students in the school, compared to the norms and standards the school and district use.  Your child’s school may be surprised when you ask to see this data.  In fact, they might not have ever even looked at your child in this manner before, but it will speak volumes.  If your child’s growth rate is in line with the growth rate of the standard and other students, then your child is not making the kind of gains needed to change their ability to succeed.  At that rate, he or she will always be behind their peers, always  struggling to catch up.

BrainWare Safari has been shown in recently completed studies to actually change the trend and narrow the gap that students with IEPs have been living with.  

My own daughter proved this to me many years ago and I am so excited to see the research that explains what she experienced.  My daughter had an IEP and was making progress every year but she never seemed to gain the foothold that would let her jump up to where her classmates were.  She was constantly treading water just to stay behind.  Then she used BrainWare Safari at home and after only a month, she told me of some of the things she was noticing.  For example, she could now take notes in class!  This was huge for her and it is one of things that changed her academic career.  From the time she finished BrainWare Safari, she was on the honor roll for the rest of her high school career and now attends college.  BrainWare Safari changed the trajectory of her progress; without it, I know she would have continued moving along at the same rate of growth she always had.  Improvement yes, but never getting to the point where she could make the leap to competing with her classmates. 

When I discussed my daughter’s results at one of her IEP meetings, the teachers seemed reluctant to attribute the changes to BrainWare Safari (after all, it wasn’t something they had done!).  But continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  And if they weren’t prepared to do something different, then I knew I had to.  That has been my experience as a parent of two children with learning issues and IEPs.  It’s a struggle and a fight sometimes but if the status quo is not challenged, then there can be no meaningful change. 

Using BrainWare is not doing the same thing expecting new results – it’s doing something very different that your child’s school has never been able to offer before.  It changes the trend, it can help close the gap, changing a child’s life forever.


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