Brain Science: The Education Game Changer – by Betsy Hill and Roger Stark

If you don’t read education industry publications, you may have missed our article, published last week in EdNET Insight, a leading education publication.  The article is “Brain Science: The Education Game Changer” and in it, we say that the greatest opportunity for disruptive change in education in the U.S. is neuroscience. 

We say this because neuroscience shows us how to impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning process by improving each individual’s underlying mental functioning.  In fact, cognitive skills are the new basics.  Parents and educators used to refer to reading and writing and math as the basics.  But if you think about what reading and math are, it becomes clear that the basic processes that enable us to read or to think mathematically are even more basic, from attention to spatial-temporal reasoning to working memory to the integration of visual and auditory processing.

But despite the fact that underlying cognitive skills are essential to all learning, they haven’t generally been something that schools paid much attention to — either assuming that cognitive ability is predetermined or that it is too difficult and expensive to address in a school setting.

Today, there is no reason that cognitive skills can’t be taught in schools because technology has overcome the expense, the need for specialized training and the lack of scalability.  Not only that, these skills are being developed effectively in schools, from 1st grade up through high school and beyond, in urban, rural and suburban environments, in public, charter and private schools (and even in homeschooling!), all over the country.

To access a copy of the full article, click here.


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