BrainWare Safari Named to Top 100 Products — by Betsy Hill

BrainWare Safari has been honored by an impressive series of awards over the years, being recognized by education industry leaders and associations, by the software industry (our peers), and by parents and teachers.  The latest recognition — being named one of the Top 100 Products of 2011 by District Administration Magazine, has a special meaning for us — because it comes as a direct result of what we have helped our customers accomplish.

Nominations for the award are submitted by customers who describe, often in substantial detail, to District Administration what the nominated products have helped them accomplish.  Given the busy schedules of the superintendents, principals, teachers, and other school staff who nominated the program, simply taking the time to do so is a testament to the importance and power of the changes they have seen in students’ minds and academic achievement from BrainWare Safari. 

This is especially gratifying because it validates the very hard work we put into every customer’s implementation and the emphasis we place on helping ensure that the schools who implement BrainWare Safari can measure the impact of the program on student outcomes.  These days, we hear a lot about evidence-based products, one of the important criteria in today’s world of accountability in education, and we know how hard it is to adhere to the realities of evidence-based decision-making in the real-world environment of schools.

So, with appreciation to all of BrainWare Safari’s users around the country (and the world), and especially for those who took the time to share the remarkable results they’ve seen with their students … and with a strengthened commitment from the entire BrainWare Safari team to help many more students in the coming years … thank you and happy holidays!


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