About BrainWare Safari

BrainWare Safari 

Award-winning BrainWare Safari is a revolutionary software program that builds intellectual capacity by incorporating neuroscience with video-game technology to strengthen foundational cognitive skills, including attention, memory, visual and auditory processing, sensory integration, and thinking.

It comprehensively develops the skills most critical for learning, benefitting users for a lifetime, not just for the next test, and givingthem a stronger foundation for academic and workplace success.

BrainWare Safari:

  • Develops 41 cognitive skills in a comprehensive and integrated manner.
  • Incorporates clinically grounded methodologies consistent with the latest findings in neuroscience research.
  • Is supported by published peer-reviewed research showing an average of over 4 years of cognitive growth in 12 weeks of using the program.
  • Is the only program endorsed by Dr. Patricia Wolfe, author of Brain Matters and international authority on neuroscience applied to teaching and learning.
  • Integrates the development of skills in the way the brain works, in a cross-training approach.
  • Enhances any curriculum or other learning program.
  • Delivers a fun and entertaining video-game experience.

People used to believe that intelligence was predetermined but today we know it’s not. Anyone, at any age, can enhance his or her mental capacity – the ability to focus, to take in more detail, to manage more information, to plan and reason.

BrainWare Safari: It makes you smarter!

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