Success Stories

“As a fourth grade teacher during the 2007-2008 school year, I ws instructed to have my students use BrainWare Safari three to five times a week for a minimum of 45 minutes each time.  The students had the opportunity to develop their cognitive sills while playing intellectual games that the program provided.  The students were highly motivated, with little exception, throughout the entire time.  As a result of my students’ progress and interest in the program, I would not hesitate to recommend the continued use of BrainWare Safari in schools.  It meets students’ brain development needs while working through a technology medium that students crave.  It truly was a wonderful experience.”

—Stephanie L. Brown
Reading Enhancement and Curriculum Matching Coach, Indianapolis Public Schools

“We tried BrainWare out with my 11-year-old, and now I want it for the rest of my children.  I would have benefited greatly from this when I was growing up.  It captivated him as well as entertained him the entire time.  I had to make him stop!!!! Thank you!  I can’t wait to try it on my other boys.”

—Christine T.
Mother of Daniel (age 11)

“As an English teacher in a small charter school (6th through 12 grades), I had students with a variety of levels of difficulty with reading and dyslexia.  They had challenges with decoding, visual tracking, short-term memory, and/or timing, and one in particular was reading at six levels below grade.  I learned about BrainWare Safari and it seemed to be something we could easily incorporate into our program.  Of the five students we started on the program, four worked very hard on it and one quit after the first few weeks.  All of the four who stuck with it made significant progress.  They found the program fun at times, but definitely not easy.  The four were able to push beyond the difficulty and advance in the program.  One 6th grader who was highly motivated improved greatly, moving from the lowest in the class to a strong reader.  The 8th grader used it to improve her reading fluency and also gained a lot of confidence from the program, volunteering to give a speech at 8th grade graduation.  It was very rewarding to watch these students overcome some of the obstacles to their reading development and become more engaged in their books.”

—Gaby Chapman
English Teacher, Willits, CA

“BrainWare Safari is a learning game that provides a well-designed series of fun mental challenges that, uniquely, are modeled on the specific intellectual tasks measured by IQ tests.  In a world of hype regarding learning games and brain development software, BrainWare Safari is the software product most likely to result in significant real gains in IQ scores, when used as recommended and complemented by a healthy physical, emotional, and social environment.  Learning software has finally become worth buying.”

—Michael Strong
Author of The Habit of Thought

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